Diabetes Awareness Week

Friday: Coping with illness

People with diabetes have been advised on strict social distancing to protect themselves from COVID-19 infection, nevertheless following  ‘diabetes sick day rules’ should  help to manage diabetes when feeling well:

  • Keep taking insulin; insulin requirement is likely to increase in illness (for other diabetes medication please contact your GP or your local diabetes team).
  • Drink plenty of water, as a result of illness, blood glucose levels rise, causing to pass more urine and feel thirsty, this can make cause dehydration.
  • Test blood glucose levels more often, if blood glucose levels continue to rise over 14mmol/l, if possible, check for ketones or call GP or local diabetes team if you are unable to test for urine or blood ketones or if the ketones are high.
  • Eat little and often; if you are feeling sick or can’t keep any food down, replace meals with snacks or drinks containing carbohydrates, which will provide energy, you may have something like soup, yogurt, jelly or some ice cream.
  • Contact your local diabetes team if you have any queries or if you are unsure about what to do
  • You may be in a situation where you need medical attention, if you’re vomiting, or unable to keep fluids down get medical help as soon as possible.

For more info on sick day rules, visit:

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