Annual Seasonal Flu Vaccinations


Support your GP Practice

We ask our patients to support the practice by having their vaccinations for flu and Covid-19 at their GP practice. Practices as well as other providers are funded to provide these vaccinations and at Shore Medical, we recycle this income to increase the number of staff we employ to provide care to our patients throughout the year. Without these funds and due to the continuing decline in the funding within the NHS pressure on services will continue to build.

So, support your practice and book your vaccination appointment with your own GP.

Appointments will be available at all practices within Shore during the first weeks of October 2024

Vaccination at the right time

Shore Medical will be holding our vaccination clinics for both Flu & Covid in early October 2024. We will be starting to book appointments for patients from late July/Early August.

It is important to have your vaccination at the right time, The flu vaccine is thought to provide protection for at least six months, but it’s most effective for the first three months. The vaccine takes two weeks to become fully effective, but antibody levels can decrease over time. The flu vaccine is not 100% effective, but it can lower the chances of having severe complications from infection.

So by having your vaccination in early October, you will have protection throughout the winter months (October to March) when cases of flu are at their highest.