A phishing email campaign is currently targeting people with fake Lloyds Pharmacy emails. The emails falsely claim that by signing up for LloydsDirect you can easily manage prescriptions and get free delivery.

These emails contain links designed to steal personal/financial information or install malware. The fraudsters have made the emails appear more genuine by including LloydsDirect/NHS logos and Trustpilot reviews.

However, these emails are fake. Do not click any links, provide info, or sign up through these emails. Double check directly with your pharmacy if unsure.

To learn more and stay updated on related scams, visit the official Lloyds Pharmacy customer service page: Suspicious Email/Spam Email (lloydspharmacy.com)  How to stay safe online Get Safe Online | The UK’s leading Online Safety Advice Resource

 Key protections:

  • Verify pharmacy emails before clicking links or providing info
  • Go directly to your pharmacy’s website rather than through links
  • Check for spelling/formatting issues indicating a potential fake
  • Keep device security protections updated to block malware

Stay vigilant against pharmacy-themed phishing campaigns trying to steal personal information or distribute malware. Verify legitimacy through official channels before engaging.


Oh, an email from the pharmacy!
Free delivery, manage prescriptions, what could it be?
Clicks and links I shouldn’t follow.
This message just rings hollow.

Logos may seem legit initial,
But something feels artificial,
Spelling errors, formatting too,
This email looks like a scam through and through!

Don’t input info, don’t click the link!
This phishing attempt makes me blink.
Verify everything’s real,
Before you reveal or sign any deal.

Go directly to the source,
To avoid malware of course!
Check Lloyds Pharmacy’s real site,
To keep your data locked up tight.

Stay vigilant of pharmacy fakes!
Security is what it takes.