Weight Management


This page is aimed at providing help and advice to help you become a healthier happier you.


  • Nearly 25% of adults are classed as obese.
  • An obese man is 5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes,
  • An obese woman is 13 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes
  • You are also 2-4% more likely to develop high blood pressure if obese.

It is important that you know your BMI  as it is widely regarded that your chances of having a longer and healthier life are improved if you have a healthy BMI.

If your BMI is high, you may also have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as other metabolic diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease.

How to calculate your BMI

Patients with higher BMIs are more at risk of diabetes. The website below will help you work out your risk of diabetes base on your waist circumference and BMI.

Universal services

There are free services available on the NHS that can help you at every stage of your journey

Services available for Diabetic patients or patients with high blood pressure

Are you diabetic/HTN?:

Is your BMI > 30

If so, you are eligible for Weight Watchers / Slimming World vouchers through Live Well Dorset:

Would you qualify for our Tier 3 services?